Wednesday, July 11, 2007

French and Saunders - Sex Skit

The comic duo are well known for dressing up in their sketches
Comedy duo French and Saunders have been criticised by BBC governors for using children to dress up as Paris Hilton and Charlie Dimmock lookalikes.
A viewer complained the children were "inappropriately sexualised" in the Christmas sketch, which saw them wearing false breasts and bottoms.
The governors ruled the children were "too young to participate fully" and "appeared to be unhappy" in the skit.
The item, shown on 27 December 2005, has been banned from future broadcast.
'Vulnerable age'
When the complaint was first made the BBC's Editorial Complaints Unit did not uphold it.
The viewer then appealed to the Governors' Programme Complaints Committee.
"The Committee concluded that the children were not sexualised during the sketch."
However, the committee felt the children "were used as part of the joke and their dignity was not protected".
Despite the children's parents being there at the time of filming, the Committee concluded the children were "at a vulnerable age" and the programme team could have done more.
"The guidelines state that the protection of the child lies firmly with the BBC, irrespective of parental consent, and the programme team could have done more in this case."

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