Thursday, July 26, 2007

Wrong placed ass

What's a surgery professor to do when the rectum of her medical school's anatomical model is in the wrong place? Turn to those who know the body best: the sex-toy industry.
Carla M. Pugh, an assistant professor of surgery at Northwestern University's Feinberg School of Medicine, was frequently disappointed with the anatomically incorrect mannequins used by her first-year medical students.
"I don't know what human beings they're looking at when they make these things," Dr. Pugh says of the models. "I've examined thousands of real human beings whose anuses are in the right place."
So she began shopping at "adult" stores for sex devices that better imitated the parts of the human typically located below the belt.
"I'm sure my mom's real proud of me," she says dryly. "I'm like the XXX surgeon around here now."

In case you question the purity of Dr. Pugh's motives, note that she also visits toy stores, hobby shops, and hardware stores searching for parts to use in her models of genitalia, rectums, and breasts. The mannequins in her classes are equipped with computer sensors to assess students' work, allowing the aspiring physicians to practice examinations of the most uncomfortable variety long before they encounter live patients.
"It's all arts-and-crafts stuff," Dr. Pugh says. A lima bean tucked into silicone might be used to simulate a breast-cancer tumor, for example, or a ball might simulate an ovarian mass.
The models, she says, "enable students to ask questions they wouldn't normally be able to ask" in front of a live patient(from Cronicle)

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