Thursday, July 26, 2007

Miles Davis and John Coltrane play one of the best renditions of SO WHAT ever captured on film

Live in 1958.
in the mid 1950s, he joined Miles Davis' first legendary quintet (with "Philly" Joe Jones, Red Garland, and Paul Chambers). Many critics blasted the selection of Coltrane, wanting Miles to choose Sonny Rollins instead. However, Miles being Miles, and not a critic, had insight and saw Coltrane's potential. Coltrane used a style of playing a flurry of notes, which was a nice balance to Miles' use of space . Miles fired Coltrane from his band because Trane's heroin addiction was affecting his performance on the band stand. Coltrane went back to his home in Philadelphia and resolved to kick his drug habit. He had his wife and mother lock him in a room and give him only bread and water. He overcame his drug habit, and had a religious experience, that he never went into great detail about( via dirty)

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