Sunday, July 29, 2007

His is bigger

Got a bigger book than this one?
Celebrity book-binder Bill Tito is so confident he is bringing New Zealand's heaviest book to Palmerston North, he will give $100 to anyone who comes along with a heavier one. Mr Tito will have the 12kg bible at his stall during this weekend's Ideal Home Show at Arena Manawatu. He is eager for Manawatu residents to rise to the challenge. "To be honest, I hope somebody will come and take $100 off me. It's part of the fun." The only rules are that any challenger must present a real book and bring it to the Home Show. If nothing else, Mr Tito hopes the competition will unearth any rare books hiding in Palmerston North. "I've had rare books from Palmerston North before that were made in Germany 100 years ago, so you never know what's around." He was asked to restore the heavyweight bible by an immigrant who brought it from the Netherlands. The task took about 60 hours of "slow, careful work", he said. It was printed in the Netherlands in 1662, but little else is known about its history. "It's so special it's worth people coming to the show just to see it. It's a work of art," he said. "This isn't just a normal book. It's been put together with leather and wood and great skill and care." Security around the book will be tight. The bible has to be packed tightly in its own box, and Mr Tito says it never leaves his sight and always rides with him. Mr Tito has a long association with the Home Show and is looking forward to coming back. "It's so long ago I can't remember my first one." he said. "I love coming here. It's a good group of people and everything's run so well." The Ideal Home Show runs from Friday to Sunday at Arenas Two and Three on Pascal Street. Doors open at 10am each day, entry is free.
(via rarebooknews))

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