Saturday, December 8, 2007

Beat me daddy, eight to the bar

Beat Me Daddy, Eight to the Bar(30's, 40's phrase used on an uptempo dance tune, as a command to the rhythm section (the drummer is "daddy" as in "daddy-o") to emphasize 8 beats to every bar of music, giving it a feel of doubletime) is a song written by Don Raye in 1940 in the American boogie-woogie tradition of syncopated piano music. It was first recorded by the Will Bradley orchestra, notably with Freddie Slack on piano, who placed it in Billboard's top 10 in 1940, and versions of this song have been hits for the Andrews Sisters and Commander Cody and his Lost Planet Airmen.
The title "Beat Me Daddy, Eight to the Bar" was taken from a phrase commonly used in the hipster jargon by Raye's friend, Ray McKinley, to the extent that Raye gave partial songwriting credit to McKinley for the song, although it was filed under McKinley's wife's name, Eleanore Sheehy, because McKinley was under songwriting contract with another publisher.
Ondřej Havelka and His Melody Makers is a band from the Czech Republic who like to play early jazz music. Besides being a musician and band leader, Ondřej Havelka is also an actor and director and you can tell that by the good cinematic quality of the video clip: the angles, the cutting and the acting.
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