Saturday, December 1, 2007

Putin: potting Putz

Перепутье Путаниц
Путаница Пут
Тупость Твоя Спутница
Только Ты Не Туп

Calling his country’s president Vladimir Putin a “phallic symbol” has immersed a Russian online journalist neck-deep into a steaming cauldron of hot water that could eventually boil over into a spell behind bars and/or a substantial fine for the writer.
Earlier this year, Vladimir Rakhmankov wrote on his online paper Kursiv about Putin’s call for Russians to get busy and reproduce. Putin’s words came out of his mouth around the same time that a member of an endangered breed of Russian wild horse gave birth in captivity, an extremely rare feat from all accounts.
The journalist wrote about how the horses had responded to the president’s reproductive urgings, making Putin a phallic symbol for the breed.
The day after Rakhmankov wrote the satirical piece, he was visited by a team of prosecutors and police who questioned him and seized his computers. His case is now before the court with the key issue being the use of the aforementioned words in relation to Putin. Apparently, some Russians aren’t comfortable with their president being called a phallic symbol(...more>>)

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