Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Ro Sar Beneh from Namjoo

Mohsen Namjoo practices a subtle form of protest music. Namjoo is an Iranian singer and composer. He's a master of classical Persian poetry. But his fans say his satirical songs reflect the frustrations of Iranians today.
Mohsen Namjoo attracted fans across Iran even before he officially released a CD. One reason may be that he doesn't shy away from contemporary issues. The song "Aghaayede Neo-Kaanti" appears on a CD sold on the black market.
The lyrics translate as "What belongs to us is two-day old couscous, an apologetic government, and a losing national team." Those are references to the disappointment many here felt with the previous government headed by reformist president Khatami, and to the constant losses of Iran's soccer team.
Namjoo goes on to say "What belongs to us, maybe, is the future."
Namjoo's music is daring in Iran.(more from BBC World)
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