Monday, December 3, 2007

Rejected Don Hertzfeldt

The film premiered in 2000 at the San Diego Comic Convention to an audience of over 1,000 and blew the roof off the place. Don totalled his car on the way home from the premiere.
"Rejected" became one of the lowest budgeted films ever nominated for an Academy Award in 2001. To date it has received twenty-seven awards.
A year into the film's theatrical release there was a small but growing confusion over whether "Rejected" was 'real'. A few urban legends circled around the film, particularly fueled whenever a lazy film critic would rehash a synopsis in lieu of actually watching the cartoon; thus going to press with descriptions of the film as a non-fiction document of rejected commercials. The legends later found new life when "Rejected" was due for its American television premiere, uncut and commercial free, on the Cartoon Network in 2001. The air date was delayed for a year due to internal trouble with the network's standards and practices department, then finally given a green light to premiere in November 2002. After a week of promoting the film, the network then yanked it 48 hours before its scheduled time in a very unusual move, for reasons still mysterious. With beautiful irony, "Rejected" became truly rejected and more confusion over its true history grew. Unfortunately the film has yet to air anywhere on American television, despite having now been played on international networks for years. (..more>> )

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