Friday, December 7, 2007

St. Sidney Bechet Blues

Saint Louis Blues - Sidney Bechet 1952
This is a film recording of Sidney Bechet with clarinettist ANDRE REWELIOTTY in Paris, probably around 1952.
At that time Reweliotty had the following musicians in his band:
(cnt), Jean-Louis Durand (tbn), Yannick Singery (pno)(Nicknamed "the French king of ragtime"), Georges "Zozo" d'Halluin (bs), Michel Pacout (dms).
The one of the most exciting moments is where Bechet in his soprano sax solo, he plays a total of 6 12-bar blues chorusses, when he hits the fifth chorus ( 4.04 min) and holds a high note for two full chorusses. What is so special of Bechet holding a note so long? It is the pianist's simple accompanyment. Yannick Singery just has that controlled back up (actually throughout most of the tune).

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