Monday, December 10, 2007

Noah Zacharin : Raw and Rare

Veteran accompanist, solo performer, and guitar whiz, Noah Zacharin has been playing guitar for nearly a million years and writing songs for slightly less than that. Gathering influences from the blues, folk, jazz, country, bluegrass and r&b realms and tossing em all in a blender, Zacharin's songs are an eclectic mix. For all that, his true intention is to touch the listener's soul. Five CD's, hundreds of published poems, translations, and reviews later, Zacharin is hard at work on a couple of new records, a couple of children's books, and a volume of poetry. Zacharin has a remarkable gift for juxtaposing words in his songs which move and soothe by their sound and meaning, so it’s not surprising to learn that a literary history as a poet precedes the troubadour. Combine that with a very engaging and bluesy fingerstyle ability on guitar, and you’ll see why Zacharin deserves to be mentioned in the same breath with names such as James Taylor and David Wilcox, whom he resembles stylisticallyZacharin says of the melancholy tone of his songs: "The songs might seem sad, but I don’t feel sad when I’m playing. I feel like the ability to make something out of it, to make some order from this chaos, is positive". If making order of chaos is truly the essence of the purpose of music and people, Zacharin is one musician and person who is fulfilling his purpose
Noah Zacharin is visiting Israel this week,
and he will be performing live in Jerusalem on Sunday, December 16th with some surprise guests(?!) (thanks to Eli Marcus)

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