Saturday, December 8, 2007

Swedish bare breasted women run for cover!

Two Swedish women who want to be allowed go topless in the nation's swimming pools have had their case rejected by

Sweden's equality watchdog.
The case reached the watchdog in September after Karlsson and her friend Kristin Karlsson, 21, went for a topless swim at the Fyrishov swimming pool in Uppsala.
A female lifeguard caught sight of the pair and told to put their tops back on or leave the pool. They chose to leave the pool.

The women complained to the ombudsman, saying that if men can show their chests, women should be allowed to do so as well
A ruling released on Friday underlined that women's bodies were different from men's:
"There is a physical difference between a woman's upper body and that of a man," said Equal Opportunities Ombudsman Anne-Marie Bergström.
"There is also a great difference between how people in general perceive men's and women's bodies. It is therefore hard to maintain that [the topless bathers] were in a comparable situation to men who bathed with naked upper bodies."

"Women's bodies have more often been the subject sexually objectification, decrees and dress-codes. In our society, the female body is sexualized in a way that the male body is not. This is demonstrated in pornography and in parts of the rest of the media."(... more>>)

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