Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Judge by it's cover: Book Art in Ein Hod

Gillian Robinson’s installation is a series of books, inspired by the texture and surface qualities of ancient icons found in Monasteries in Cyprus. They carry an atmosphere of survival of endurance and hope.
Some of the books have sculptural qualities, some are bound and tied with their contents locked away, whilst others can be handled and explored. They have a beautiful physicality - they smell of ash, wax or resin. Pages ask to be turned, and their surfaces cracked open, revealing juxtapositions, glimpsed fragments. Somehow the form of the books is at one with the content. Books have a powerful symbolism, communicating ideas, knowledge, wisdom, history, experience. The new exibition which opens on Saturday 15 at LevendelBloch gallery in Ein Hod seems to capture that sense of power, combined with great vulnerability (via DRUMCROON)
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